Camp Ridgedale



Youth Explosion 2015


 (Youth Explosion 2015, in picture)

 Camp Ridgedale


    Camp Ridgedale is a wonderful church camp nestled in Tennesse. It is located in the town of Vanleer, and is home to many of our gospel meetings. When you arrive at Camp Ridgedale, you will find that there are quaint cabins that will set your stay with the warmth of southern hospitality that you can only truly find at a Christian home. You will be greeted with a welcome that will let you know you are loved and part of a beautiful family, God’s family.  

        Every Summer it is host to the many youths of all ages who attend the Youth Explosion. The Youth Explosion is a summer treat for all who attend. The attendees enjoy activities, such as volleyball, swimming, and baseball just to name a few. Combine the enjoyment of outdoor activities with the soul feeding from our worship services. Youth Explosion at Camp Ridgedale is just one of the camps great features.

        It also hosts The Original Church of God Ladies Retreats every Spring. Each lady who attends enjoys soul sister connections, a revival of her spirit,as well as lots of special memories. Camp Ridgedale hosts many other events also. For more information contact Bro. Bryan Johns at 615-763-2699 or Bro. Roy Kizer at 615-763-2200.



Camp Ridgedale is a Christian Campground located in Vanleer TN. It is available for rental for retreats, camps, and reunions.