Vision Statement




The (Original) Church of God, Inc.


We the laity and ministers of “The (Original) Church of God”, Inc.

understand that God in His Word and by His Spirit admonishes us to live by a vision.

Therefore we do make the following Vision Statement.

Our vision is to see:

Spiritual growth of both laity and ministers.

Numerical growth of churches, members, and ministers.

The conception and implementation of new and vibrant ministries.

Christian education development that will empower our laity and ministers.

Dramatic growth in church planting.

A strengthening of our foreign missions.

A heavy burden of evangelism on the hearts of all our constituents.

A growing appreciation of our youth camp and its influence on our youth.

Unity among our people that can only be described as God sent.

We believe that by adherence to our vision and the mission of our churches there will be a doubling of our total membership in four years.